Warmer and drier than usual: Hong Kong’s November 2023 weather recap


4th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong experienced an unusually warm and dry November in 2023, with temperatures soaring above normal levels and rainfall significantly below average. The city’s monthly mean temperature reached 23.5 degrees Celsius, surpassing the long-term average by 1.3 degrees. The mean maximum temperature of 26.1 degrees and mean minimum temperature of 21.6 degrees were also higher than usual, marking the second and third highest on record for November, respectively.

These warmer temperatures extended beyond November, as the autumn season from September to November also witnessed above-average heat. The mean minimum temperature of 24.4 degrees, mean temperature of 26.1 degrees, and mean maximum temperature of 28.8 degrees were among the highest on record for the same period, showcasing the sustained warmth throughout the autumn months.

In terms of rainfall, November was exceptionally dry, with only 3.3 millimetres recorded, just 8 per cent of the normal figure of 39.3 millimetres. This dry spell contributed to the overall arid conditions, with the autumn season experiencing significantly less rainfall than usual. The total rainfall for September to November reached 1,616.4 millimetres, the highest on record for the same period. The accumulated rainfall for the year up to November stood at 2,773.6 millimetres, approximately 15 per cent above the normal figure of 2,402.4 millimetres.

The weather patterns in November showcased a mix of conditions. The first six days of the month saw fine and dry weather, with ample sunshine and temperatures reaching a peak of 30.7 degrees on 6th November, a record high for November. However, a band of clouds and a fresh to strong easterly airstream brought cooler temperatures and occasional rain patches on 7th and 8th November.

The moderation of the easterly airstream led to brighter and warmer weather with sunny intervals on 9th and 10th November. 10th November saw one of the highest daily minimum temperatures on record for November, reaching 25.6 degrees. A cold front moved across the coast on 11th November, resulting in mainly cloudy conditions and a few rain patches. The subsequent northeast monsoon brought fine and slightly cooler weather for the following four days.

Another replenishment of the northeast monsoon arrived on 16th November, initially bringing mainly cloudy conditions that cleared in the afternoon, leading to fine and dry weather. The next two days were characterized by sunny and very dry conditions, with cool mornings and a minimum temperature of 15.6 degrees on November 17, the lowest recorded for the month. From 19th to 28th November, Hong Kong experienced a prolonged period of fine and dry weather due to the influence of the dry northeast monsoon.

Towards the end of the month, a band of clouds and an easterly airstream brought cloudier conditions with a few light rain patches on the last two days of November. Notably, there were no tropical cyclones over the South China Sea and the western North Pacific during November 2023.