Wanderlust Island Guide: Day trip to Peng Chau


13th March 2019 – (Hong Kong) Peng Chau, a traffic-free small island located off the north-eastern coast of Lantau Island, Hong Kong offers an ideal afternoon getaway from the city life. We spent only around 5 hours yesterday on the island wandering through the small streets, hiking up Finger hill before ending up on the beach to watch the sun go down. There are also plenty of small cafes and restaurants on the island for you to savour the local delights.

Ferries to Peng Chau depart from Pier 6 every 30 minutes (Click HERE for the ferry timetable). Once you have arrived, you will see a huge a Wellcome grocery store in front on you. We find it quite amusing to find Wellcome stores frequently located near the piers of most outlying islands in Hong Kong to ‘welcome’ tourists and residents(another example is Mui Wo). Turn right and walk along Wing On Street towards Tin Hau Temple and Finger Hill.

The Tin Hau Temple was built in 1792. Tin Hau, also named Mazu, was a native of Fujian Province. At the age of 13 she met a Taoist priest who taught her how to predict the future, weather and help those who were sick and weak. It was said that she travelled above the sea to save the people who were being drowned. People therefore look upon her as the goddess for safety on the sea.

Wellcome store at Peng Chau.
According to the inscriptions on a stone tablet, the temple was built in 1792.

Walk along the small lane on the right and you will reach Hoho Kitchen, a local cafe where you can stop for a pineapple bun with ice cream and soda drink. If you are feeling peckish, you can also try the grilled eel with fried rice.

Pineapple bun with ice cream by Hoho Kitchen.
Grilled eel with fried rice.

After satisfying your stomach, you can then continue to stroll along the small street flanked by fruit and vegetables stores before stumbling across a surreal alley on your left decorated with recycled objects such as bicycle wheels, golf clubs, footballs, racquets, furniture, mirrors painted in arrays of vibrant colours. The hidden gem known as ‘My Secret Garden/Sherry’s shop occupies the space next to the now defunct Peng Chau Leather Factory
between Peng Chau Wing On Street & Chi Yan Street. Sherry’s shop sells pottery and vases in a premises built around a tree. This is an ideal checkpoint for Instagram fanatics to snap away.

Sherry’s Shop/My Secret Garden

Go to the end of the alley, turn right and continue walking for around 3 minutes before turning left into a small lane next to a children’s playground. Follow the sign to Finger Hill.

Take the left path here when you reach a split junction.

As you ascend the stairs and walk onto a trail, keep an eye for a handwritten sign in Chinese showing you the direction to Finger Hill. Despite all the proper signages being erected on the island, the direction to the final leg of Finger Hill is not shown. Take the left path as soon as you reach the split junction.

There is a handwritten note showing you the direction to Finger Hill.

Keep walking up the stairs until you reach a pagoda on top where you can enjoy the bird’s eye of view of the island.

This is the peak of Finger Hill.

Take the descend down the staircase next to two giant rocks and you will reach a tarmac road. Turn right and keep walking until you see a pebble- stone staircase on the left, go down and you will reach another pagoda facing the sea.

Pebble-stone staircase.
Trail leading you to the beach.

After the pagoda, follow a trail next to it and you will reach a viewpoint. Go behind the viewpoint and climb down some rocks before you reach this unpolluted hidden beach with the picturesque ocean as the backdrop. This is the grand finale of the day trip when you can enjoy the sunset on the beach before making your way back to the pier using the same way.