Wanderlust Hiking Guide – Yi O and Man Cheung Po Infinity Pool


27th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Yi O is a village with over 200 years history. It is located in the South-west Lantau Island, with an area of over 1,000,000 sq.ft.

By crossing a long pedestrian bridge facing the sea opposite Tai O, you can enjoy spectacular sea view and sun set. Walk along the trail and enjoy the pebble stone beach before ascending to the Man Cheung Po Infinity Pool, a man-made catchment for water supply to Tai O. It was once a popular spot for swimmers, but it is now been closed to the public as the local government did not want the water to be polluted. Security cameras have been installed around the area to prevent unauthorised trespass.

However, it is still a pretty decent hike and you can still see the waterfall and catchment area at the fence. The trail is very bushy and there are a lot of spiders along the way.

Distance : 8 kms (round trip)

Duration : 2 hours (excluding breaks)

Difficulty : 6/10


From Central :  1) take ferry from Central  Pier number 6 to Mui Wo.

2) take bus number 1 to Tai O village 

From MTR  :      1) take MTR to  Tung Chung station

                              2)MTR exit C

                              3) Take bus 11 to Tai O village (last stop)

Once you reach Tai O bus station turn to left and start walking on the bridge in front of the beautiful Tai O Promenade . Continue to cross the bridge (about 600 meters) until paths splits .

Starting point
Tai O Promenade .

On the end of bridge, turn right and continue walking along beach until you see Ma Cheung Po sign .

Follow those two Ma Cheung Po
Infinity pool signs.
You will pass by NGA YING KOK CAMP SITE ,
Keep walking !

Now be careful and don’t turn left when you see Ma Cheung Po sign , continue walking straight until you see banner and follow the steps to go up the hill (see pictures below).

Walk up these steps for around 20-25 minutes
and you will reach Infinity Pool.
Last few steps before you reach
top of your hiking path.
Unfortunately new fence was built in
2018 to keep swimmers out of area and it is now illegal to swim in the pool to prevent contamination of the water.
Swimmers used to take a dip in the infinity pool before it was closed to public.
You should stop by Yi O Bay on the way back and
watch beautiful sunset from the beach .