Wanderlust Hiking Guide – Wan Kuk Shan


31st March 2021 – (Hong Kong) Wan Kuk Shan (562 m) is one of the nicer peaks located at Ma On Shan Country Park. In February this year, our team members went to the more difficult Ngau Ngak Shan (The Hunch Backs) nearby. The entire 9km journey from Sai Shai Road to Wan Kuk Shan before descending to Heng On Estate in Ma On Shan takes around 4 1/2 hours to complete.

The beginning of MacLehose Trail Stage 4 is still under the shade of trees most of the time, and it is not that hot to walk in summer. When you climb to about 350 metres high, there will be no shades to protect you from sunburn. Hence, sunscreen is recommended to prevent hikers from getting sunburn. There is a mythical path filled with bamboo trees at the beginning of the trail. The path will slowly lead to some staircase and if you keep going up and you will eventually reach the top.

Follow the road until you reach the fork.
Keep left and continue towards MacLehose Trail Stage 4 when you see this fork.
The scene bamboo trees can be found on one section of the trail.

There are multiple peaks on top. Once you reach Wan Kuk Shan (literally translated as ‘Zig Zag Mountain’ due to the zig-zag trail on top), you will enjoy the breathtaking Sai Kung view on your left and mountain terrains on your right. Continue walking and turn right to descend to Ma On Shan by following the Ma On Shan Country Trail. If you are game, you can continue towards Pyramid Hill and Ngong Ping ahead.

From the top of the mountain, you can see Ma On Shan northwards. Go ahead and turn left to reach the top of Wan Kuk Shan. On the right, you will see Ngau Ngak Shan.

The terrain is slightly flat on top and you can relax and enjoy the 360-degree view of Sai Kung, Pyramid Hill and Ma On Shan.


Get off near BBQ Area Site 5 Sai Sha Road and cross the road and you will see the entrance to the Maclehose Trail (Stage 4). Follow

This is the starting point on Sai Sha Road

Transport:  Take bus no. 99 or 299X, get off at Shui Long Wo and walk towards BBQ Area Site 5 Sai Sha Road

Upon return, you will reach Heng On Estate. You can either walk towards MTR Wu Kai Sha Station or MTR Ma On Shan Station.

Follow the sign towards Hang On Estate (Heng On Estate) to return.