Wanderlust Hiking Guide – The popular and pet-friendly Tai Tam Reservoir Family Trail


25th November 2019 – (Hong Kong) Tai Tam Upper Reservoir is probably the most popular, common and scenic hike in Hong Kong. The family trail is pet-friendly and if you are not looking for a leisure walk during the weekend, you can definitely go to Tai Tam Family Walk over and over again.

Distance : 1.6km

Difficulty : 2/10

Time : 2 Hours


Being located near Wong Nai Chung Gap, Tai Tam Family Walk is easily accessed by public transport. To get to the starting point of the walk, visitor should follow Tai Tam Reservoir Road for 15 minutes from Parkview Mansions. Mature plantation can be found along the steps at the early portion of the walk. Beautiful scenery of the reservoir at hilltop is the best reward for your climbing. At middle section, the walk intersects Tai Tam Reservoir Road where one can find ideal resting place at beautiful picnic grounds. To continue the walk, colourful signs provide information of local plants. At the final segment, visitor can enjoy panoramic view of Tai Tam Reservoir again. View Compass which erected besides the shelter shows names of nearby hills and landmarks. The walk finally ends at Tai Tam Reservoir Road. Visitors may either continue their trip to Tai Tam Tuk along the vehicular track or back to Parkview Mansions.

Starting Point : Tai Tam Reservoir Road (near Parkview Mansions)
Finishing Point : Tai Tam Reservoir Road (near Tai Tam Upper Reservoir)