Wanderlust Hiking Guide – The hunt for the Rhino Rock in Stanley


18th November 2019 – (Hong Kong) As protests have continued in Hong Kong for over 5 months, it is a good idea to go for a short hike to Rhino Rock on the coastal line of Stanley during weekend to avoid clashes in the city. You will definitely enjoy the cool weather and scenic view of Stanley. After the hike, you can chill on St. Stephen’s beach to watch the sunset.

Distance: 2km

Duration: 1 hour (2 km)

Difficulty: 4/10


Take Bus 14 from Exit A of Sai Wan Ho MTR station. Get off at the end of the stop i.e. Stanley Fort next to the military camp. On the left of the army camp, you will see a small gate with a staircase, go up and it will lead you to a slightly treacherous trail. The ascent is quite short, but it is rocky and steep. Continue until you reach a substation before turning right into the bushes. Follow the ribbons on the trees and slowly descend downwards. You will see different shaped rocks along the way before turning right and descend towards Rhino Rock. It’s quite hidden and not easy to locate for first-timers.

Turn left at the military camp.
Walk up the staircase.
Turn right here into the bushes.

Follow ribbon markings on trees.