Wanderlust Hiking Guide: The hidden Former D’Aguilar Battery


10th March 2021 – (Hong Kong) Cape D’Aguilar, or Hok Tsui, is a cape in the south of Shek O and D’Aguilar Peak on southeastern Hong Kong Island. The peninsula, where the cape is on its southeastern side, is also known as Cape D’Aguilar.  It is named after Major-General George Charles D’Aguilar. 

Most people in Hong Kong have been to the marine reserve, the Cape D’Aguilar Lighthouse which is one of the declared monuments of Hong Kong and the rock formations. However, hikers can detour halfway and go to the hidden Former D’Aguilar Battery instead. This short hike is not really for beginners as it involves some clambering but it is relatively easy for seasoned hikers. It’s a good short hike if you only have one afternoon to spare. This World-War II relics is beautifully situated on a rock point right on the sea and you can climb to the top of the battery to enjoy an unobstructed view of the sea and rock formations. It is definitely worth the effort and time.

Total distance : 6 km (Both ways)

Total time : 2 hours

Difficulty : 4/10

To get there:

Take the MTR train and head towards Exit A3 of Shau Kei Wan. Take bus no.9 to go to Shek O and get off at Cape D’Aguilar bus stop. To return, take the same bus back to Shau Kei Wan.

Cape D’Aguilar Road

Walk on Cape D’Aguilar Road. Along the way, you will catch glimpse of the battery on the right. Continue walking until you reach a village on the right. You will see some letterboxes and a lamp post. Walk past the garbage bins and there will be a trail on the right. Follow the trail and you will descend onto the rocky beach. Hikers will need to climb over the rocks before you can reach the battery. The returning journey requires more stamina as the trail is steeper but short.

Walk down the stairs and head towards the battery. Follow the ribbons on the trees for directions.