7th July 2019 –

Wo Yeung Shan (Chinese: 禾秧山), located in the New Territories, is the fifth-highest peak in Hong Kong. With a height of 771 metres (2,530 ft), it is at the southeast of Tai Mo Shan. The peak is located in between Tsuen Wan District and Tai Po District. Wo Yeung Shan is also known as the ‘fake’ Tai Mo Shan as it obstructs the view of Tai Mo Shan from Shing Mun. This hill is not found on the official map as the name was given by the locals.

Picture credit : Instagram/@hikeman_terry
Picture credit : @kathygumying
Picture credit : @chapman.ho

Direction :

Take train to Tsuen Wan MTR Station and get out from Exit A3. Walk towards Discovery Park before you reach a bridge that leads you to the hills. Follow the path, cross a main road and turn left before you reach a sign ‘ Fu Yung Shan’. Clamber up the stairs and follow Chuen Lung direction on the top. Turn right and you will see some ribbons on trees that mark the starting point of Woo Yang Shan. This route is not shown on a regular countryside map but it is quite easy to find. There are 12 big rocks marked with numbers, you can check out everyone of them along the route.

Rocks are marked from 1 to 14.