Wanderlust Hiking Guide – Razor Hill


23rd February 2020 – (Hong Kong) Che Kwun Shan is also known as Razor Hill because of its pointed shape. The 432m-high Razor Hill is located at the south of Sai Kung and between Tseung Kwan O and Pik Uk. The trails to the top can be reached by taking the uphill paths either from Po Lam, Tseung Kwan O, Clear Water Bay Road or Pik Uk.

Distance : 11km

Difficulty : 6/10

Time : 2 – 2 1/2 hours


We took the route from Clear Water Bay Road before turning into Razor Hill Road. There is a Market Place and a Shell Petrol Station before you turn into Razor Hill Road. The path leading up to Razor Hill is steep and requires a lot of stamina.

However, once you are at the top, you can have amazing The hill top offers spectacular views across Port Shelter, Sharp Island, High Island Reservoir, Ma On Shan, Sai Kung, Clear Water Bay and the skyline of Tseung Kwan O. You can also see the yachts moored at Hebe Haven.

The starting point from Razor Hill Road.
Keep an eye on markings on trees and ribbons.

You can then descend downhill by walking along the trail. Walk down a long flight of steps and key in ‘Little Hawaii Trail’ on your Google Maps. You will then reach a junction of the horizontal concrete path. Heading forward could lead down to Po Lam Road North, and the left way to Yau Yue Wan. Follow the path on the right before you reach the next junction. Take the right path to reach Little Hawaii Trail. Head towards Small Hawaii Waterfall to relax and enjoy the sunset.

Continue towards Lin Yue Path before arriving at the concrete road of Wilson Trail which joins Tsui Lam Road. You will then reach Po Lam Road and take bus to leave.

Alternatively, you can also take minibus 1A at Choi Hung to Pik Uk Prison. Walk past some low-storey houses before reaching the bottom of the hill. Although the hike only takes about 30 minutes, some parts of the trail are quite steep.