Wanderlust Hiking Guide: Lo Fu Tau, Discovery Bay to Mui Wo on Lantau Island


16th April 2020 – (Hong Kong) Lo Fu Tau or ‘Tiger head’ is a scenic hike from Discovery Bay to Mui Wo located on the  Northeast of Lantau Island. Along the trail are panoramic views of Discovery Bay, grass fields and giant rock formation located at various parts of the mountain. As you ascend the mountain and look back at Discovery Bay, it resembles a ‘tiger’ looking at Discovery Bay as hikers walk along the ‘back of the tiger’. There are many rock formations which provide plenty of Instagram-worthy photograph sessions.

Not only the hike offers bird’s eye view of Discovery Bay, you can also see the ridge of Tai Che Tung and Sunny Bay. Moreover, look far to the northwest you can see Castle Peak and Tuen Mun in the distant background.

Distance : 15.9km

Duration : 4 – 4 1/2 hours

Difficulty : 7.5/10


Take ferry from Central Pier to Discovery Bay. Once you have reached Discovery Bay, walk past Discovery Bay Plaza along the seafront before reaching Discovery Bay Road.

Discovery Bay Road
Turn left here before crossing the road to turn right to Discovery Valley Road.
Take the staircase at Parkvale Village to the top and turn right before crossing the road and head towards Crystal Court.
Follow the Crystal Court sign.

Keep walking uphill and follow the Parkvale Village sign, take the stairs, turn right on Parvalle Drive before crossing the road at the junction towards Crystal Court. Not far ahead, you will see long flight of stairs on the right upwards towards Woodland Court, follow the left muddy path. Head it through some grass fields and you will see a staircase to go upwards and follow the trail before you reach a lookout pavilion.

This is the path to Lo Fu Tau.

After reaching the lookout pavilion, continue walking straight on a concrete trail until u see a small path on the right, take that path to head towards Lo Fu Tau. A lot of clambering is required to go to the top, take a few stops if necessary and turn back the enjoy the view of Discovery Bay.

Once you reach Lo Fu Tau, the trail will become flat and easy. There will be several more rock groups and follow the trail towards Mui Wo. Afterwards, you will subsequently reach a pavilion at A Po Long before arriving at Olympic Trail. Descend the long flight of concrete steps on the left opposite the pavilion. You will pass by Silver Mine Cave which leads down to Silvermine Bay Waterfall Garden on the left. However, follow the path to the right through the village of Pak Ngan Heung then keep walking on the concrete road before reaching Mui Wo Rural committee Road on the left. Keep walking on the main road towards the right, cross a river before you reach Mui Wo Pier. You can stop by at Starbucks for a drink and a quick snack before returning to Central.

Go straight after the pavilion.

The trail to Lo Fu Tau

To return to Central, take ferry from Mui Wo to Central.