Wanderlust Hiking Guide: Leisurely walk to Cheung Sok island in Sunny Bay


5th May 2022 – (Hong Kong) Cheung Sok is a small island to the north of Yam O Bay, Lantau IslandHong Kong. It is part of the Tsuen Wan District and it is connected via a tombolo with Sunny Bay. Hong Kong has several tombolos including the one on Sharp Island,  Ma Shi Chau, Ap Lei Pai in Aberdeen and Cheung Chau North and South.

Cheung Sok island

Cheung Sok island is an awesome destination for beginners as it will only take not more than 45 minutes to reach there. It’s an amazing spot to visit if you have only a short afternoon to spare. The best time to go is after 3-4pm as you can enjoy the sunset on the pebble beach.

Tombolo linking to Cheung Sok island

Total distance : Around 2.1km

Total time (to and fro) : 1 and 1/2 hours

Difficulty : 1/10

Direction: Get off at MTR Sunny Bay Station, walk towards the promenade and turn left. On your right, you can enjoy the panoramic seaview while walking leisurely under the sun. Don’t forget to put on some tanning lotion during the hot summer days as there are no shares during the first part of the journey. On your left, you can see the trains passing by and it’s so surreal to have the sharp contrast between nature and the public transport.

Luk Keng Tsuen

When you see the sign ‘Luk Keng Tsuen’, keep following the path which is shaded by trees. You will walk past some village houses and a pier before reaching Cheung Sok island. It is important to observe the tides as you will not be able to get back to Sunny Bay if the tombolo is covered with water.  If you are more adventurous, after crossing the tombolo, continue leftwards and climb over the rocks to reach another pebble beach.