Wanderlust Hiking Guide – Kau Nga Ling

Picture credit : Instagram/ @0228unknownrocker

13th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Kau Nga Ling (Dog’s teeth ridge) is undisputedly one of the most difficult hikes after Sharp Peak. It is actually part of the Lantau Peak located near the eastern side of Shek Pik Reservoir.

This treacherous hiking trail is not suitable for those who are afraid of height but the view is scenic and breathtaking. There are three ways to reach the peak, you either ascend via West Kau Nga, Mid Kau Nga or East Kau Nga. We strongly recommend you hike to the top via West Kau Nga as it features the most beautiful hilltop.

Difficulty : 8/10

Duration : 4 hours

Distance : 7.5km


Get off from Tung Chung MTR Station before taking bus no.11. Get off at Shek Pik Police Station and walk along Keung Shan Road and South Lantau Road. Follow the sign to Tong Fuk Catchwater before walking on Shek Pik Country Trail. Follow the ribbons on tree once you see the West Kau Nga sign.

Return via various buses at Big Buddha or via cable car to Tung Chung.

Picture credit : Instagram/ yanyeunggg
Picture credit : Instagram/@annalifeisgreat