Wan Chai MTR Station may not open to public on 16th September due to severity of the damage sustained, government condemns radical protesters for escalated violence

Wan Chai MTR Station

16th September 2019 – (Hong Kong) Molotov cocktails were hurled inside Wan Chai MTR Station and Causeway Bay MTR Station during the illegal rally this afternoon. Protesters also set fire to several exits at Wan Chai MTR Station. Both stations are still closed as many public amenities are damaged and vandalised. MTR Corp will need to assess the severity of the damage before they can ascertain if Wan Chai MTR station will be open in the morning. MTR Corp reiterated that the closure of the stations and allowance of police officers to enter the stations are to safeguard the interests of passengers and staff.

Meanwhile, government spokesman severely condemned the violent acts of the radical protesters on Hong Kong Island, which jeopardised the safety of members of the public and seriously undermined social order.

Despite the issuance of a notice of objection by the police, protesters took part in unlawful processions and assemblies in the vicinity of Causeway Bay, Wan Chai and Central district, and set up barricades in several thoroughfares, seriously affecting the traffic on Hong Kong Island. Some radical protesters hurled multiple petrol bombs and bricks at the Central Government Offices, set fires in Admiralty and Wan Chai as well as wantonly vandalised MTR stations. Some offenders burned a national flag outside a hotel in Wan Chai, challenging the national authority.

 The Government severely condemns the violent acts which totally disregard law and order. In the face of the violent confrontations of the radical protesters, the police conducted dispersal operations and made arrests in a resolute manner, protecting the safety of members of the public and restoring public order.

The Government spokesman reiterated that violence is definitely not a solution to problems but would only harm the entire community. To find a way out of the current difficult situation, the Government has shown sincerity and proposed to set up a platform for dialogue to communicate with members of the public, resolving together the deep-seated problems in society.