Wan Chai Harbourfront Event Space unveils five captivating themed mazes for 10-day free admission


26th February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Wan Chai Harbourfront Event Space is set to offer an extraordinary experience to visitors with the opening of five themed mazes as part of the “A-Maze-ing Harbourfront” project. From 15th to 24th March, individuals can enjoy free admission to these captivating mazes, which blend creative art, entertainment, Instagrammable spots, and thrilling adventures.

Each maze showcases a unique theme, providing participants with a distinctive and immersive journey. The first maze, “Time Maze,” focuses on the interplay of light and shadow. As visitors navigate through a maze of towering walls and intricate concrete structures, they must seek out sources of light to find their way, creating a fascinating interplay of light and shadow.

The second maze, “Infinite Mirror Maze,” is a captivating spectacle created entirely from mirror reflections. Designed by architect Philip Fung, the maze allows participants to witness their own reflections, creating a mesmerizing visual experience while also providing glimpses of the surrounding skyline.

For those seeking an encounter with nature, the “Lost in the Woods” maze incorporates bamboo elements. The intricate arrangement of bamboo panels forms a labyrinth that challenges participants to find their way through its winding paths. Additionally, a bamboo staircase offers a vantage point to admire the skyline and appreciate stunning light sculptures from above.

The “Light Box Maze” consists of a series of unique light boxes that create an enchanting atmosphere through dynamic and colourful lighting effects. This maze brings a sense of wonder and magic as visitors explore the ever-changing play of lights.

Lastly, the “Air Maze” is specifically designed to cater to energetic children, featuring a combination of trampoline mazes, challenging obstacles, and secret passages. It provides an exhilarating experience for families to enjoy together and capture memorable moments.

The design team behind these mazes comprises a diverse group of artists and creative professionals, including architect Philip Fung, landscape designer Kan Srisawat, designer Calix Wong, and creative cultural project curator Grace Au. Together, they have crafted these immersive environments that promise to captivate and delight visitors.

Date: 15th to 24th March
Time: 7am to 11pm
Location: Wan Chai Harbourfront Event Space