Wall Street Journal poll shows President Biden trailing Donald Trump in hypothetical matchup

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10th December 2023 – (Washington) President Joe Biden finds himself trailing former President Donald Trump in a recent Wall Street Journal poll, adding to a series of surveys indicating a challenging election cycle for the current president.

In a hypothetical one-on-one general election scenario, Trump outpaced Biden by 4 percentage points among registered voters surveyed nationwide by the Journal, securing 47 per cent compared to Biden’s 43 per cent.

Expanding the field to include five third-party and independent candidates, Trump’s lead extended to 6 percentage points, with 37 per cent compared to Biden’s 31 per cent. Among these additional candidates, who collectively garnered 17 per cent of the vote, independent Robert F. Kennedy Jr. emerged as a significant contender, securing nearly half of their combined support, at 8 per cent.

The poll also revealed a general sense of dissatisfaction among voters regarding Biden’s performance. Only 23 per cent of respondents indicated that his policies had personally benefited them, while 53 per cent expressed that they had been adversely affected by his policies. Furthermore, a mere 37 per cent approved of Biden’s job performance, while 61 per cent held unfavourable views of the president.

President Biden has been the subject of widespread scrutiny regarding his age, being 81 years old, making him the oldest president in U.S. history. Calls for him to step down after his first term have been prominent. In response, Biden’s campaign has vehemently opposed such suggestions, asserting that the president remains the strongest candidate to defeat Trump.

Fueling further speculation, Biden recently remarked to reporters that he was not the sole Democrat capable of defeating Trump and that if Trump were not running, he might not have contested the election either.

The survey, encompassing 1,500 registered voters, was conducted from 29th November to 4th December through cellphone, landline, and text-to-web methodologies. The margin of error for the poll stood at plus-or-minus 2.5 percentage points.