Vladimir Putin acknowledges China’s positive role in Ukraine crisis settlement


15th May 2024 – (Moscow) Russian President Vladimir Putin has expressed his appreciation for China’s stance on the political resolution of the Ukraine crisis. In an exclusive written interview with Xinhua ahead of his state visit to China, Putin commended China’s clear understanding of the crisis’s underlying causes and its global geopolitical impact. He specifically referenced “China’s Position on the Political Settlement of the Ukraine Crisis,” a 12-point proposition issued by China in February 2023, which reflects China’s sincere intentions to stabilise the situation.

Putin highlighted that Chinese President Xi Jinping’s recently proposed four principles for the peaceful resolution of the Ukraine crisis align seamlessly with the aforementioned document. He noted that these principles emphasise the need to move beyond the “Cold War mentality” and prioritise indivisible security, respect for international law, and adherence to the UN Charter in their entirety and interconnectedness.

“We have always been open to negotiations,” Putin stated. “We are actively pursuing a comprehensive, sustainable, and equitable resolution to this conflict through peaceful means. However, any negotiations on Ukraine must consider the interests of all parties involved, including our own.”