Vivien Chow and husband spotted together at Sevva farewell party, divorce rumours dispelled

    From left to right: Francis Cheng, Vivien Chow and Joe Nie.

    18th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Vivien Chow, the 56-year-old former pop idol, and her husband Joe Nieh were seen together yesterday night at the farewell party of SEVVA in Central, radiantly confirming the strength of their three-decade relationship. This appearance comes amidst swirling rumours of their separation, which had gained traction across various media platforms last year.

    Despite experiencing turbulent times in 2008 when Nieh was spotted kissing another woman named Miffty, leading to a temporary split, the couple reconciled and married the following year. Their marriage had since become a subject of intense public fascination, yet both have maintained a notably low profile.

    The couple’s latest public outing was captured in a photograph shared by renowned public relations specialist, Francis Cheng, on Instagram. The image, shows a smiling Chow and Nieh, looking content and very much together. Cheng captioned the photo with a tribute to Chow’s enduring allure, “Some idols are timeless, like Vivien Chow!”

    Chow responded to the post with heartfelt simplicity, expressing gratitude and a desire for happiness and health for all. The photograph not only showcased Chow’s timeless beauty, free of any signs of ageing but also featured Nieh sporting a full beard, a stark contrast to his previously clean-shaven appearance.