Visitors of Ocean Park can enjoy The Abyss, Raging River and Mine Train rides for the last times before 31st Aug

    The Abyss

    6th July 2021 – (Hong Kong) Under the restructuring plan of Ocean Park, many thrill rides at Ocean Park will be “retired” and the dolphin show will also be terminated. Ocean Park officially announced today (6th) that Ocean Park’s three iconic thrill rides include The Abyss, Raging River and Mine Train will stop operation at the end of next month. The three thrill rides will be reopened this Saturday (10th), visitors can seize the chance to play these three rides for the last time.

    Raging River

    Ocean Park pointed out that the park will bring other fun and new experiences to visitors in the future, and visitors who wish to enjoy the three thrill rides can seize their last chance on or before 31st August. In addition, on 17th and 18th July, Ocean Park will be holding the “Summertime SINGphony” to celebrate the unique culture of Southern District with the full support of Southern District Council and The Warehouse Teenage Club. On this special weekend, visitors can share an authentic Hong Kong experience with family and friends through the marvellous performances by popular local bands, the inspiring cultural exhibition of the Southern District, and the workshops featuring memorable items and quality time.