Viral video reveals intense street brawl between woman in short skirt and alleged mother-in-law in Zhengzhou


13th April 2024 – (Zhengzhou) Recent footage of a heated street brawl between a woman in a short skirt and an elderly lady, allegedly her mother-in-law, has gone viral on mainland Chinese social media platform Weibo. The video captures a violent altercation with slaps, hair-pulling, and wrestling moves. Despite efforts by bystanders to intervene, the two women continued their verbal assault even after being separated momentarily. Reports suggest that the incident was triggered by the woman’s refusal to return the dowry after calling off her engagement and her subsequent act of throwing garbage at her prospective groom, provoking the anger of her mother-in-law, who sought justice for her son.

The footage has sparked intense discussions among netizens. Some commented, “If you break off the engagement, you should return the money. Otherwise, the young man won’t let you off the hook,” while others marvelled at the fighting prowess of the woman in the short skirt, saying, “She’s got some serious combat skills! Despite the older lady’s size advantage, she couldn’t gain the upper hand.” However, others cautioned against resorting to violence, stating, “This should be settled in court.”

According to mainland Chinese media reports, the incident occurred on 25th March in Zhengzhou, Henan Province. A man stood outside a shop, repeatedly broadcasting through a loudspeaker, accusing the woman of not returning the dowry after breaking off the engagement and insinuating a romantic involvement with her boss. Annoyed by the allegations, the woman retaliated by throwing garbage at the man and subsequently engaged in a physical altercation with her supposed mother-in-law.

In the approximately one-minute-long video circulating online, the woman in a short skirt aggressively splashes water at the man while he tries to shield himself with a signboard, all the while continuing his broadcast. After venting her frustration, the woman retreats into the shop, followed by the mother-in-law, who stands at the entrance scolding her with arms akimbo.

The scene then shifts to the doorstep, where the woman in the short skirt and the mother-in-law engage in a fierce battle, exchanging slaps, pulling each other’s hair, and engaging in wrestling moves. At one point, the mother-in-law manages to pin the woman in the short skirt down. Despite several attempts by onlookers to separate them, it takes a collective effort to finally separate the two combatants.