Violent street altercation unfolds in Tai Po, leaving one injured and perpetrator at large


10th December 2023 – (Hong Kong) A violent physical altercation between two individuals took place today at approximately 2.55pm near the bus station at 88 Po Heung Street. The altercation began on the pedestrian path but quickly spilt onto the road, prompting bystanders to report the incident. Law enforcement officials swiftly responded to the scene, where they found a 48-year-old man named Wong lying on the ground with a head injury. Despite being conscious, the whereabouts of the other individual involved in the altercation remain unknown. Subsequently, the injured individual was transported to the hospital for treatment. Following an investigation, authorities discovered that the incident originated from a dispute between Wong, who is engaged in construction work, and the other party over the return of borrowed adhesive. The other person claimed to have already used up the adhesive, leading to a heated argument and physical assault. The case has been classified as an assault resulting in actual bodily harm.

The incident involved two men dressed in black clothing. The younger man was seen wearing white sports shoes, while the older individual sported black sneakers. The video begins with both men engaged in a violent struggle on the road, with the younger man exerting dominance over his opponent, who appeared unable to defend himself. A crowd of onlookers gathered at the bus station, yet no one intervened to stop the altercation. As vehicles passed by the scene, drivers manoeuvred quickly to avoid the ongoing skirmish. Finally, a man dressed in a grey shirt and shorts emerged from the crowd and attempted to separate the two individuals, bringing an end to the recorded footage.