Violent clash erupts in Yuen Long bar, knives and fists unleashed


29th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) Yuen Long witnessed a disturbing incident in the early hours of today (29th) as videos surfaced on social media depicting a violent clash within a local bar. The footage shows a chaotic scene involving over a dozen individuals, with one man at the centre of attention. Clad in a grey outfit, he brandishes a knife in his left hand and a microphone in his right, engaging in a heated dispute with others present. The altercation, believed to be over a personal matter, escalates as the man in grey aggressively waves his knife, berating two other men while demanding an explanation. He shouts, “Explain yourselves! Explain!” and directs expletives towards other individuals in the vicinity. Behind the man in grey, two others dressed in black and white jackets stand by with knives, seemingly waiting for a cue. The situation takes an even more volatile turn as onlookers outside the frame instigate further commotion, prompting one of the knife-wielding men to approach the scene.

In a separate video captured near the bar’s entrance, a group of men and women engage in a heated argument. Among them, a bald man grabs hold of a tattooed individual with his left hand while throwing punches with his right. Another man joins in the assault on the tattooed man. The bar erupts with noise as a woman cheers on the attackers, repeatedly shouting, “Hit him! Hit him! That’s right, that’s right!” Meanwhile, someone advises nearby individuals, saying, “If it’s not your business, you should step back a bit.” Eventually, friends of the assaulted tattooed man intervene, pulling him away from the attackers. Seemingly resentful of being outnumbered, the tattooed man removes his shirt and confronts his assailants, but the video concludes at this point. The exact date of the incident remains undisclosed, and further details regarding the circumstances leading up to these altercations are yet to be determined.