Violent clash erupts at Shek Kip Mei Street Rest Garden, leaving machetes and iron rods behind

Shek Kip Mei Street Garden

26th November 2023 – (Hong Kong) A group of over 20 individuals associated with the South Asian gang engaged in a fierce brawl at Shek Kip Mei Street Rest Garden, located at the intersection of Shek Kip Mei Street and Yu Chau Street. The altercation involved the use of knives and iron rods. Nearby residents who heard the commotion rushed to the scene and witnessed three individuals brandishing knives, while more than ten South Asian gang members were present near two private vehicles, raising concerns of a potentially fatal clash. Consequently, the incident was reported to the authorities.

Law enforcement officers promptly responded to the report, but the group of South Asian gang members had already fled upon hearing their arrival. At the scene, a roughly 30-centimetre-long machete was found near a pedestrian rubbish bin, while over ten approximately 50-centimetre-long iron rods were discovered nearby. The area was cordoned off for investigation, and nearby locations were monitored in an effort to apprehend any suspicious individuals. Regrettably, no significant findings were made, and authorities are currently delving into the details of the incident.