Violent clash breaks out between young protestors and over 200 middle-aged men who reprimand the Lennon Wall message board in Yau Tong


11th July 2019 – (Hong Kong) Many ‘Lennon Wall’ message boards have mushroomed in many districts in Hong Kong subsequent to the anti-extradition street protests. However, in the past few days, many ‘violent’ civilians who disapproved them had purportedly removed and destroyed the message boards.

At around 8pm today, while a few young protestors were tidying the ‘Lennon Wall’ message board near Domain Shopping Centre in Yau Tong, a group of middle aged men started to provoke them with vulgar language. The heated argument suddenly turned into a physical brawl. Not long after, the group of middle aged men called another 200 people inundate the area.

Meanwhile, police received report and rushed to the scene, yellow flag was raised at around 10.45pm to prevent the two parties from clashing. At 10.50pm, red flag was raised by police as final warning after both parties failed to reconcile.

Police eventually segregated the two parties at 11.05pm. At 11.38pm, violent clash broke out again on between the two groups on the platform outside Domain Shopping Centre. According to sources, three middle-aged man were surrounded by young protestors as they allegedly pushed and jostled against them.

At around 12.23am today, police arrested 3 middle-aged men for assault.