Violent clash between students caught on video at Tang Shiu Kin Victoria Government Secondary School

Tang Shiu Kin Victoria Government Secondary School

10th June 2024 – (Hong Kong) A video capturing a violent clash between students at Tang Shiu Kin Victoria Government Secondary School has gone viral. The 30-second footage reveals a shocking brawl unfolding within the confines of a classroom, with two male students engaging in a brutal altercation. During the disturbing confrontation, one can witness students kicking, choking, and relentlessly throwing punches at each other, while onlookers hurl water bottles and launch flying kicks at one of the male students.

Additionally, another video, approximately 37 seconds long, has surfaced online, purportedly depicting the same school’s students engaged in a physical altercation. The footage reveals the two male students exchanging blows while being cheered on by their peers, some of whom record the incident on their mobile phones.

Upon learning of the incident, the Education Bureau promptly reached out to the school to gather information and address the situation. The school has taken immediate action by activating a crisis management team to handle the incident and has initiated contact with parents to provide necessary follow-up support and counselling for affected students.

The longer video, spanning around 50 seconds, shows the initial confrontation between the two male students. As the countdown by the surrounding students concludes with the word “begin,” the altercation erupts. The student wearing a hoodie initiates the violence by kicking the student in a short-sleeved white shirt and subsequently attempting to restrain him by locking his arm around the neck.

After breaking free, the student in the white shirt retaliates by throwing punches at his opponent’s face, provoking a rapid series of counterattacks. The aggressor delivers at least 11 consecutive punches to the other student’s head. Meanwhile, other students in the vicinity throw water bottles and execute flying kicks towards the student in the hoodie, inadvertently striking the classroom’s computers with the projectiles.

The altercation continues in the middle of the video, with the student in the hoodie ceasing his assault, while the student in the white shirt persists in throwing punches. The brawl comes to a halt after someone shouts, “That’s enough,” concluding approximately 30 seconds of intense violence. It has been reported that both students involved are in the fourth year of their studies at the school and have been involved in several altercations since a dispute emerged in March.