Vietnamese man shaves his head bald before tattooing it black so that his wife will not find out


28th April 2021 – (Ho Chi Minh) After a Vietnamese hman went to a barber shop to shave his head, he was afraid that his wife would scold him when she found out. As a result, he went to the tattoo shop with a whimsical idea and asked the tattoo artist to get his scalp tattooed completely black so that the wife wouldn’t notice. This incident happened at the end of last year but recently appeared again on Chinese social media.

According to Vietnamese media reports, the husband had tattoos on the scalp, near the neck and near the temple in black, thinking that he could hide from his wife, as soon as he stepped into the house, she had already discovered something was amiss and found it amusing. In the end, the husband regretted his action and he had to wait for the hair to grow back slowly before finding a way to remove the scalp tattoo.