Vietnamese housewife discovers shocking truth after suspecting husband’s affair with domestic helper

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1st December 2023 – (Hanoi) A married woman grew suspicious of her husband’s relationship with their domestic helper. To gather evidence, she decided to install a hidden camera in their home. However, what she discovered was far more astonishing than an extramarital affair. The revelations from their conversations left her shattered, exclaiming, “I can’t believe my own ears.” Now, she faces a dilemma of how to confront her husband.

The woman, in her thirties, from Hanoi, is married to a man four years her senior, and they have a child together. She had always regarded her husband as a perfect spouse, particularly appreciating his respect for her. She mentioned that he gave her the authority to make decisions regarding all household matters.

After her maternity leave ended, the wife returned to work, and a friend recommended hiring a domestic helper in her absence. She hired a woman in her forties who showed great promise. The wife was impressed by her agility, culinary skills, and ability to care for their child. She felt at ease knowing that everything at home was being taken care of by the capable domestic helper. Even her husband praised the hiring of such an exceptional helper.

However, as time went on, the wife began to notice strange behaviour from the domestic helper. Initially, she allowed the domestic helper to visit her own family once a month, but recently, the domestic helper started making excuses to go home every week, even taking several days off each week, causing inconvenience as the wife had to adjust her work schedule to look after their child.

Furthermore, despite the wife’s dissatisfaction with the maid’s performance, her husband always found countless reasons to defend and show extraordinary kindness to the domestic helper. He would even secretly give her 500,000 Vietnamese dong (approximately HK$170), dismissing it as training expenses, claiming it was insignificant.

Growing suspicious of an affair between her husband and the domestic helper, the wife decided to install a hidden camera in their home to uncover the truth. However, what she discovered was far more chilling than an illicit affair. Through the footage, she overheard her husband saying to the domestic helper, “I have been favouring you all this time, hoping that you will keep our secret and not tell my wife about my affair. As long as you remain silent, I won’t let any harm come to you,” while promising her a raise.

It was then that the truth became clear to the wife. Her husband was not involved in an inappropriate relationship with the domestic helper. Instead, it was her husband who had been unfaithful and had been discovered by the domestic helper, leading to a change in his attitude towards her and the payment of hush money.

Devastated by the revelation, the wife decided to terminate the domestic helper’s employment. She is now contemplating how to deal with her unfaithful husband. She expressed her anguish, saying, “He betrayed his wife and child by engaging in extramarital affairs. That is the most painful thing for me right now. I am still observing whom he will end up with.”