Video uncovers ongoing crackdown on unlicensed vehicles for hire with 5 drivers apprehended


19th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) In a series of spontaneous sting operation videos that went viral online last Thursday (16th), taxi associations took matters into their own hands by conducting “sting operations” to combat unlicensed vehicles for hire. Yesterday (18th), several more videos of these “Sting operations” surfaced. One of the clips featured the voice of an individual claiming to be an “ordinary citizen.” Upon reaching his destination, he accused the driver of illegally accepting payment for transporting passengers and claimed to have reported the incident to the authorities. At that moment, law enforcement officers were stationed at a public intersection, ready to intercept suspected unlicensed vehicles for hire. Additional footage also showed law enforcement officers intercepting vehicles suspected of being involved in unlicensed transportation activities and drivers stepping out of the vehicles for further investigation.

According to reports, police received a tip-off at approximately 4.30pm on the same day, suspecting individuals were driving unlicensed vehicles for hire. They proceeded to intercept five vehicles near The Education University of Hong Kong (EdUHK) in Tai Po that were believed to be involved in the illicit activities. After conducting their investigations, the authorities categorised the case as a “traffic complaint” and have yet to make any arrests.