Video surfaces of alleged traffic violation by KMB Bus in Tai Po


1st June 2023 – (Hong Kong) A video has surfaced on social media showing a KMB 71K bus allegedly running a red light and driving in the wrong lane. The incident occurred in Tai Po on May 31st, when the bus was seen driving straight along Po Heung Street towards the opposite side of Lam Tsuen River, a route that does not normally pass through this area. The video was captured by a passerby who then shared it on Facebook, questioning whether complaints would make a difference.

According to public transportation records, the 71K bus operates between Tai Wo and Tai Po Market stations, and neither of its routes passes through Po Heung Street to the opposite side of Lam Tsuen River. The video has prompted many local residents to question why the bus was driving in this area, with some even making jokes about the situation. However, some have also praised the person who captured the video for their quick reflexes and ability to document the incident.