Video shows police officer who brandished a pump action shotgun was mobbed and assaulted by protesters in Tin Shui Wai (Updated)


31st July 2019 – (Hong Kong) More than a thousand of protesters surrounded Kwai Chung Police Station after police charged 44 out of the 49 protesters for inciting riot in Sheung Wan yesterday. We reported earlier that a police officer brandished his pump action shotgun at the protesters to ward them off but a new video has surfaced to show why the police officer decided to use his gun.

The police officer suffered facial and body injuries.

There has been many news reports including BBC after the incident to show how the police officer terrorise protesters by brandishing his gun at them. However, a video captured earlier clearly shows a group of protesters mobbed and attacked the police officer before he pulled his pump action shotgun out. The mob’s actions were violent as they were seemingly punching and kicking him, some where assaulting him with sticks and objects.

It was not known why the protesters decided to assault him. It is believed that they were acting out of sheer anger because police charged the 44 protesters. Two wrongs don’t make a right as the police officer was clearly outnumbered. The local media and foreign media have been increasingly biased whenever it comes to illegal acts or violence committed by protesters. The video clip showed in the BBC report did not show the prequel below.

According to sources, at around 10.30pm, a EU police vehicle was surrounded by protesters including the bald police officer and his colleague. The video below shows how he was assaulted non-stop. The bald officer’s pump action shotgun was loaded with only with bean bag rounds and not bullets. He tried to stand up before a protester assaulted him from behind with an umbrella. In self- defence, he pointed the gun at protesters and used pepper spray.

At 10.34pm, while he was walking on Kwai Yan Road, Kwai Fong, protesters hurled random objects at the bald police officer and his colleague again. They then continued to retreat towards the bus terminus. The police officer brandished the pump gun while looking for the EU police vehicle.

They then returned to the location near ParknShop and they were assaulted again by protesters. At 10.40pm, the bald police officer and his colleague subsequently found the EU police vehicle at bus terminus. However, the window of the driver’s seat was shattered. EU officer and another plain clothes officers tried to lead the vehicle to safety but to no avail as protesters continued to assault them.

Some riot police tried to provide back-up support but they were stopped by Andrew Wan, a pro-democracy legislative councillor and later by Wu, a Democratic Party member. The EU vehicle finally retreated from the bus terminus at 10.45pm to allow the bald police officer and his colleague to board.