Video of woman posing in multiple sexual positions in IKEA China shared online


11th May 2020 – (China) An obscene video made at an IKEA store in China was shared on social media recently. Ikea made an announcement on 9th May to condemn the maker of the video and they have already lodged a police report with regards to the incident.

The 16-minute video was made by a woman who was fondling her own breasts and touching her private parts while posing for the video on a sofa, a bed and many other places. Children and other customers were spotted nearby. Some netizens said that the woman works for a porn site known as FULLFIVE and a videographer was filming her in action.

Zhu Wei, deputy director of the Research Center for Communication Law of China University of Political Science and Law, said that this video should be taken as a pornographic message, and it was publicly circulated on the Internet. It first violated the “Cyber ​​Security Law”, the video uploader and the platform that spread the video have suspected of violating the provisions of Article 12 of the “Network Security Law” and both must bear legal responsibility.

IKEA China issued a statement to address the incident on 9th May.