Video of taxi driver allegedly refusing passenger goes viral


22nd May 2024 – (Hong Kong) A video depicting a suspected case of taxi refusal has been circulating on the internet, stirring up concerns about taxi services in Hong Kong. In the footage, a male passenger in Tsim Sha Tsui appears to be denied a ride by a taxi driver. In the footage, the male passenger appears to be denied a ride by a taxi driver, who can be heard saying, “If you fail to display the ‘out of service’ sign in your taxi, it implies that you are declining to transport passengers in accordance with the law.” The driver, visibly agitated, repeatedly urges the passenger to get in the cab, exclaiming, “So get in, get in! Come on, get in!”

Despite the driver’s insistence, the male passenger does not board the taxi by the end of the video, leaving his intentions unclear. The video has sparked a heated discussion among netizens, with some condemning the driver’s aggressive attitude, accusing him of having a menacing demeanour. However, a majority of online users have come to the driver’s defence, questioning the male passenger’s motives and suggesting he may have deliberately provoked the situation. Comments such as “These attention-seeking videos with no context are getting out of hand” and “He purposely instigated and recorded the incident” flooded the online platforms. Many expressed empathy towards the driver, noting his obvious frustration and asking, “What did you expect when the driver was so exasperatedly urging you to get in the car?”