Video of reckless fireworks display by teenager raises concerns for public safety


2nd October 2023 – (Hong Kong) In recent days, a video circulating online has captured the attention of netizens, showing a young teenager dressed casually by the roadside, igniting and wildly waving a “sparkler-type firework.” While the teenager’s friends found the scene entertaining, comparing it to a joyful ambience, it simultaneously sparked apprehension among observers regarding the potential hazards linked to this irresponsible conduct.

The footage reveals the young girl enthusiastically holding and swinging the firework, eliciting cheers from her companions. However, her actions inadvertently startled a passing cyclist who witnessed flames shooting out unexpectedly, prompting them to halt their journey momentarily to ensure their safety. The video concludes without providing any further details or the exact timeline of events.

Online rumours have identified the woman as Sophia. She has a social media presence with 21,000 followers and regularly shares videos of herself skateboarding in tank tops and shorts. Her preferred style of skateboarding is longboarding, which is a variation of the traditional skateboard characterised by its larger and longer deck, hence the name “longboard.”

According to Section 6 of Hong Kong’s Dangerous Goods Ordinance under Cap 295 of the legislation, the production, storage, transportation, or use of any dangerous goods is illegal unless the person involved possesses the necessary licenses. Offenders found guilty could face a maximum sentence of six months’ imprisonment and a fine of HK$25,000.

The incident serves as a reminder of the potential hazards associated with mishandling fireworks or engaging in unauthorised pyrotechnic activities. The Hong Kong government, along with various safety organisations, continuously emphasizes the importance of adhering to regulations surrounding the use of fireworks to safeguard public safety and prevent accidents.

Fireworks, if not handled properly, can pose serious risks, including injuries, property damage, and fire hazards. It is crucial for individuals to recognize the potential consequences of their actions and exercise responsible behaviour when handling any hazardous materials.