Video footage shows police officer speaking in mandarin during the arrest of protesters in Causeway Bay yesterday


12th August 2019 – (Hong Kong) We reported yesterday that  Jean-Pierre Cabestan, Professor and Head, Department of Government and International Studies, Hong Kong Baptist University exposed in an article in the Le Figaro, French daily dated 5 August 2019 that Beijing government has covertly added 2,000 mainland Chinese policemen into the Hong Kong police.

A video footage (Click here for video) shared on internet yesterday may have verified the accusation made by the French professor. However, the total number of Chinese policemen who have been added to the local police force remains a mystery.

At around 10pm yesterday, riot police arrested several protesters in front of Hysan Place at Causeway Bay. There were several undercover police dressed up as protesters who joined in to wrestle one of the protesters to the ground. At 0.48 of the video, one of the protesters in disguise shouted, ‘We are on the same side!’ while at 1.50, a purported CHINESE riot police officer allegedly said in mandarin twice, ‘Please retreat further!’

The suspected Chinese police officer in disguise.
The protester was manhandled by police officers.