Video clips of couple having sex in open-air jacuzzi in a hotel in North Point shared online


5th July 2022 – (Hong Kong) Recently, two video clips have been circulated on social media showing a couple allegedly having sex in on open-air jacuzzi in a hotel in North Point. The sizzling act was filmed by a netizen upstairs.

The terrace was not covered by a roof. One of the clips which is about 21 seconds long shows the woman with her back facing the man, both soaking in the bath, during which the man hugged the woman and allegedly engaged in sexual intercourse. The woman was also seen spreading her legs for the man to perform oral sex on her while she was eating a bowl of noodles.

A lawyer said that indecent exposure in public places is a criminal offence under the Crimes Ordinance. In terms of punishment, the maximum penalty is a fine of HK$1,000 and six months in prison. The netizen who shared the videos on social media also purportedly violated the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance.