Video clip of Macao boxing match which resulted in one death surfaces on social media


14th October 2021 – (Macao) Two Muay Thai enthusiasts engaged in friendly match at a boxing gym in Taipa, Macao. Both agreed not to wear any protective headgear. In the end, one of them got a punch in the face and suffered severe cerebral haemorrhage. He died after 9 days of hospitalisation and his opponent was arrested.

The deceased was 34 years old and the 28-year-old arrested boxer was named as a Muay Thai athlete. The police officer said that the two had many years of boxing experience and met in a boxing gym last Monday (4th). The victim passed away yesterday (13th) afternoon and his opponent and friend was detained on suspicion of causing serious injuries.

The video of their fight was finally circulated on social media today. In the video clip, the two fighters initially attacked and defended each other, constantly punching each other’s faces. There were onlookers who held up mobile phones to take videos. In the meantime, the deceased gradually showed fatigue and continued to fight. After a few minutes of the competition, the deceased fell on the ground after receiving a punch in the left cheek.

Afterwards, the deceased suddenly fainted while resting under the ring, and the people present immediately called the police and sent the victim to the hospital for treatment.

The incident caused heated online. Some netizens questioned why headgears are not made compulsory during boxing matches and whether the boxing gym involved should be held responsible.

The boxing match before the fatal accident.