Video captures dramatic parking space incident in Singapore


16th May 2024 – (Singapore) Recently, a video clip has been circulating online, capturing a startling parking incident. The footage shows a private car reversing into a parking space in an indoor car park when suddenly a sport utility vehicle (SUV) aggressively manoeuvres forward, attempting to claim the spot. However, the SUV’s momentum carries it into a collision with a wall, causing the entire vehicle to shake slightly. The driver of the private car involved promptly exits their vehicle to assess the situation. Netizens have since derided the actions of the SUV driver, expressing their disapproval.

Further investigation reveals that the incident took place in a multi-level car park in Singapore in 2021. Local media reports indicate that the driver who attempted to “claim” the parking space was an elderly individual who unintentionally accelerated while pressing the wrong pedal.

The approximately 14-second video, uploaded to the Facebook group, lacks audio and does not provide specific details regarding the location and date of the incident. However, the footage clearly shows an indoor car park with multiple vehicles present. At the time, a private car was reversing, intending to park in an empty space when the SUV suddenly surged forward, seemingly attempting to secure the spot. The driver of the private car immediately halted to avoid a collision, allowing the SUV to park unimpeded.