Veteran TVB actor Johnny Ngan passes away at 71 (Updated: 6.11pm)

Johnny Ngan

26th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong has bid farewell to 71-year-old veteran actor Johnny Ngan, known for his memorable roles in TVB classics such as “Hong Kong 81,” “The Seasons,” “A Kindred Spirit,” and “Virtues of Harmony.” Ngan, who recently battled squamous cell carcinoma, shared his journey of undergoing chemotherapy and immunotherapy, teetering between life and death for 15 days. His devoted wife, Fok Kit-ching, tirelessly supported him during his medical ordeal, recalling the horrific moments when he was admitted to the hospital in a comatose state, resuscitated after ten minutes, and deemed stable for the time being. However, his condition remained precarious, and he was subsequently transferred to the intensive care unit.

Heartbreaking news of Ngan’s passing surfaced today, leaving a void in the entertainment industry. Online communities have been flooded with messages of grief and remembrance, expressing gratitude for Ngan’s contributions to the world of television and cherishing the fond memories he left behind.

In a phone interview, English Tang, a Hong Kong host and actor, revealed that Ngan passed away late last night at the hospital. Tang explained that Ngan had been struggling with heart, vocal cord, and respiratory issues, requiring multiple hospital visits. Tang had planned to visit him last night but postponed the visit until today, unaware that Ngan’s health would deteriorate overnight. When asked about the cause of Ngan’s passing, Tang mentioned that he is in close contact with Ngan’s wife and is providing support during this difficult time. Although Fok Kit-ching was mentally prepared, recovering from the loss will undoubtedly take time.

Johnny Ngan and his wife Fok Kit-ching have been in a long-term relationship for over 40 years before finally getting married. When Johnny Ngan was diagnosed with squamous cell carcinoma, his wife took care of him attentively. In 2022, Johnny Ngan decided to give Fok Kit-ching a formal status. When asked by Tang Ying-man about Fok Kit-ching’s 41-year relationship with him and their unofficial marriage, Johnny Ngan seemed a bit embarrassed and said, “In our 41 years together, we’ve had one phrase for each year, 41 phrases in total. I have changed my temper now, and we are both in our twenties. She still takes care of me. If I continue to vent my anger on her, she will feel even more uncomfortable and burdened. Regardless of illness or health, a husband and wife should treat each other with respect.”