Veteran singer Maria Cordero’s husband passes away this morning

    Picture credit: Maria Cordero

    5th November 2020 – (Hong Kong) Veteran singer Maria Cordero’s husband Rick da Silva had passed away due to illness. She announced the death of her husband Rick through social networks at about 3.30am today (5th). Maria uploaded a photo with her husband and wrote: “My love my man RIP. See you in heaven, my dear husband R.I.P. “

    Maria and her husband have been married for 21 years. Rick was diagnosed with terminal lung adenocarcinoma in 2017. She tried to relieve Rick’s condition with diet therapy. Rick had to go to the hospital for treatment frequently because of the disease. Maria once revealed that the medical expenses of over HK$6 million have been paid.

    In August of this year, Rick was hospitalised again due to pneumonia and vascular occlusion. At that time, she posted a video about her husband’s admission on social networks, and she stayed in the hospital ward to take care of her husband.

    Cordero married a widowed Filipino pianist and bandmate 22 years her senior when she was in her late teens. She and her first husband have been divorced since 1989 and now married to Portuguese engineer, Rick.  She is the mother of six children (two boys with her ex-husband, two boys and two girls from her ex-husband’s previous marriage). Her eldest son Alfonso Bibi Cordero is a member of the Hong Kong Hockey Team which won the bronze medal in the 2009 East Asian Games.

    The two have always been very affectionate, but Rick was diagnosed with terminal lung adenocarcinoma three years ago, and died of the disease early this morning. It is reported that Rick was sent to the hospital yesterday afternoon because of difficulties in breathing, and unfortunately passed away at about 1am in the morning. Maria also said that she had only had breakfast with her husband yesterday morning, and it was difficult to accept the news of her husband’s death.