Veteran singer Maria Cordero accompanied by her late husband’s pet dogs while in mourning


9th November 2020 – (Hong Kong)  Veteran singer Maria Cordero’s husband Rick da Silva had passed away recently due to illness. She announced the death of her husband Rick through social networks on 5th November. Maria uploaded a photo with her husband and wrote: “My love my man RIP. See you in heaven, my dear husband R.I.P. “

Maria and her husband have been married for 21 years. He left behind his favourite pet dogs which accompanied Maria when she was feeling depressed in the last few days.

She posted a short video on social networks and left a message: “I know that everyone is worried after my husband passed away, so I want to make a video to thank you for your concern and I am grateful for your support. My friends and family members have been staying with me in the last few days. My husband’s last wish is that I continue to broadcast live my show. So, I promise I will definitely start again soon.”

Maria has been devastated in the last few days and she was crying during the the video and she said she even ‘burned’ an iPad for her deceased husband to use in the afterworld. She said that everything happened too fast after he was admitted to the hospital.