Veteran singer Alex To, 62, embarks on 40th anniversary with “Get Up” world tour

    Alex To (right) and his wife, Ice Lee (left).

    24th February 2024 – (Taipei) Taiwan-based Hong Kong singer Alex To, at the age of 62, recently held a press conference to announce his first-ever concert on18th May as part of his “Get Up” world tour, marking his 40th year in the music industry. The significance of this date lies in it being the anniversary of his late father’s passing. Overwhelmed with emotion, Alex To choked up as he shared, “The scheduling of this concert feels destined. Perhaps it will provide an opportunity for a celestial duet with my father.” Will his 7-year-old son, AJ, be invited as a guest performer? Alex To expressed his desire to spare his son any burden but hinted, “We will see how things unfold.”

    Alex To has been married to his wife, Ice Lee, who is 24 years his junior, for 12 years. Feeling that their only child is somewhat lonely, Alex To hopes to expand their family and “complete the word ‘good'” by having another child. He revealed, “We started trying for a second child two years after AJ was born. We sought medical advice but now we are letting nature take its course.” However, he clarified that they are not considering artificial methods. Alex To praised his son for being caring and believes that AJ will make an excellent older brother. He and his wife share the consensus of expanding their family and hope to welcome their second child in the Year of the Dragon.

    When asked about their parenting style, Alex To shared that he and his wife provide their son with abundant love but also emphasize the importance of instilling good values, manners, and a strong character. He jokingly revealed that their son is slightly more afraid of his wife, saying, “My wife is amazing. She knows I need sleep, so she handles tax matters until 1 or 2am., wakes up at 6.30am. to cook breakfast for our son and see him off to school, and then she takes a nap.”

    It has been 31 years since Alex To last held a concert in Taiwan. Since then, his single “Strip” propelled him back into the spotlight, and his well-toned physique has become a topic of admiration. Modestly, he commented that his physique is not the same as it was in his younger days, stating, “It’s impossible to be exactly the same as before. I still have my six-pack abs, but there’s a bit more skin. Nevertheless, I am very satisfied with my current physique.” In addition to his striking appearance, Alex To has numerous heartfelt ballads prepared for his Taipei concert.