Veteran singer Alan Tam’s throwback photo sparks social media frenzy with a surprising focus

    Alan Tam

    24th September 2023 – (Hong Kong) Alan Tam, the renowned veteran Hong Kong singer and actor recently caused a stir on social media after posting some throwback photos. While the intention was to share a nostalgic moment, netizens quickly diverted their attention to a surprising aspect of one particular photo. The unexpected focus on Tam’s crotch led to a flurry of comical and cheeky comments from online users, overshadowing the intended sentiment of the post.

    After completing a successful solo concert in Qingyuan on Sunday, followed by a joint performance with the band The Wynners in Macao, Tam decided to reminisce by posting a throwback photo on his Weibo account. The image, taken in 2011, captured Tam riding a jetski, wearing only a life jacket on his upper body.

    To Tam’s surprise, netizens quickly shifted their attention away from the intended subject matter, focusing instead on a rather cheeky aspect of the photograph. Amusing comments flooded the post, with online users playfully redirecting the narrative:

    “Look at the size! It’s huge!”
    “Not just the chest muscles, there are so many details to admire!”
    “Especially below the abs, please appreciate it frame by frame!”

    The unexpected turn of events continued when Tam shared another picture from his younger days. Despite this being a black and white photo, netizens couldn’t help but comment on Tam’s undeniable handsomeness. Tam’s caption added a touch of self-deprecating humour: “Here’s another one for you to enjoy. My heart almost flew out when I saw it. Was this taken during my record release in South Korea back then?”

    The online community’s focus on Tam’s crotch in the first photo and their light-hearted banter overshadowed the intended sentimentality of the post. While Tam’s intention was to share a nostalgic moment and celebrate his youthful appearance, the unexpected response from netizens took centre stage.