Veteran actress Yu Mo-lin admitted to ICU at Queen Elizabeth Hospital


7th November 2020 – (Hong Kong) The 83-year-old veteran actress, Yu Mo-lin was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital at midnight today. It was reported that she was admitted to the intensive care unit due to pulmonary fibrosis. Some media reporters called Yu’s mobile phone and a female nurse answered the phone.

According to reports, a friend of Yu has confirmed that she has been admitted to the hospital but because no visits are allowed during epidemic, it is not confirmed if she was admitted to the hospital for pulmonary fibrosis.

In August of this year, Yu was admitted to the hospital with a cough and was diagnosed with pulmonary fibrosis. Yu has rarely attended public events in recent years. In July of this year, she appeared in a TV interview and admitted that her body was not as healthy as before. She confirmed that she suffered from Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo and often had dizziness symptoms. Although she had sought medical treatment many times but her condition did not improve. At that time, Y also said that the domestic helper she had originally hired had left the job, but the new domestic helper had not arrived in Hong Kong, and she became an elderly person living alone. Fortunately, many friends offered to help take care of her meals.

Yu was born in 1937, she worked in a department store before becoming an actress in 1969. Because of her ordinary looks she was often assigned to play the role of “ugly girl”. , But Yu said she never cared. Although Yu is not rich, she has a kind heart. In 2005, she was given a HK$200,000 long-term service reward by TVB. She then used part of the money i.e. HK$80,000 to help build a primary school in mainland.