Veteran actress Siu Yam-yam’s startling transformation raises eyebrows at Eric Tsang’s birthday banquet

    Siu Yam-yam

    25th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Siu Yam-yam, the 73-year-old actress known for her enchanting beauty during her youth and her notable career as a seductive star in Shaw Brothers productions, has undergone a remarkable transformation. In recent years, Siu Yam-yam has successfully transitioned into a powerhouse actress, earning critical acclaim and accolades, including a Golden Horse Award and recognition at various international film festivals, solely based on her acting prowess, without relying on her sex appeal or physical beauty. However, her recent appearance at Eric Tsang’s birthday banquet left attendees surprised by her eerie countenance.

    Eric Tsang’s banquet was graced by numerous celebrities and artists, creating a lively atmosphere. Alice Lau, a prominent actress from the 90s, shared a group photo on social media, featuring Siu Yam-yam seated in the centre, showcasing her esteemed status as a veteran in the entertainment industry. However, due to the heavy use of filters, Siu Yam-yam’s complexion appeared rather peculiar, with heavy makeup accentuating distorted facial features. Nevertheless, another photo of Siu Yam-yam showed her looking relatively normal.

    In the 80s, Siu Yam-yam married a wealthy Malaysian businessman and gave birth to a daughter. After returning from the United States, she resumed her acting career but was faced with facial deformities. Rumors circulated that she had undergone multiple facial surgeries, but she clarified that she had only undergone a chin procedure. However, fearing potential side effects, she decided to have the implant removed, leading to an unsuccessful surgery that resulted in excessive scar tissue formation and a deformed chin.

    Additionally, several years ago, Siu Yam-yam suffered a fall at home, accidentally hitting her face on a table corner. Overwhelmed by excruciating pain, she instinctively touched her face, inadvertently tearing off half of her facial skin, exposing the bone underneath. Despite enduring a lengthy wait at the hospital, she was not promptly treated, and the excessive air trapped in the wound caused severe facial swelling and disfigurement.

    Ger recent appearance at Eric Tsang’s birthday banquet left attendees surprised by her eerie countenance.