Veteran actress Maria Cordero, 70, defends Chinese resilience in face of discrimination during tour in New York

    Maria Cordero

    19th April 2024 – (Hong Kong) Maria Cordero, a seasoned actress with a mixed Portuguese-Chinese heritage, shed light on her personal experiences of discrimination while performing abroad. Known for her outspoken nature, Cordero frequently uses her platform to discuss hot-button topics. She recounted an incident in which she faced discrimination while overseas, firmly asserting, “When it comes to Chinese people being ‘discriminated’ against abroad, I have had far too many experiences! Would I allow myself to be bullied? Absolutely not! Chinese people are resilient!”

    Cordero, a prominent figure in the entertainment industry, has been actively involved in show business for decades. She revealed that as early as the 1980s, she embarked on international tours alongside Robert Hung and the Grasshoppers, performing in New York. During a conversation with Hung in Cantonese, a Caucasian female service attendant expressed astonishment upon hearing Cordero speak Chinese. However, when Cordero proudly identified herself as Chinese, the woman immediately displayed a negative reaction, as Cordero recalled, “Her whole demeanour just changed. She walked away.” The attendant refused to serve Cordero, prompting her to withhold a tip when settling the bill. This, in turn, further angered the attendant. Undeterred, Cordero retaliated, stating, “Why should I give you a tip? You didn’t provide any service. You didn’t even acknowledge me. You had a sour face and a bad attitude. If there’s no service, I won’t give a tip. Do you want to fight me?”