Veteran actor Richard Ng’s second daughter arrested after eldest daughter was detained earlier for planting cannabis


27th March 2021 – (Hong Kong) The Hong Kong Customs intercepted a postal package sent to Hong Kong from a foreign country earlier and found that it contained 70g of cannabis buds . On 23rd March, Hong Kong Customs searched a village house in Nam Wai village, Sai Kung, the address where the postal parcel was involved in the case, and found drugs inside the house. The suspect of the case i.e. the 52-year-old daughter of Richard Ng, a Hong Kong veteran actor turned the village house into a cannabis plantation farm.

13 suspected cannabis plants and some suspected cannabis growing equipment were found, including solar lamps, ventilation facilities and electronic thermo-hygrometers. About 200g of suspected cannabis buds and a small amount of chocolates suspected to contain controlled cannabinoids worth HK$1 million were also seized.

At 10pm in the evening yesterday (26th), about 10 customs officers raided a unit at Nam Wai village, Sai Kung to arrest the second daughter of Richard Ng. They live near the village house of the eldest daughter of Richard Ng who was arrested earlier. It is reported that the site was the unit where Richard Ng, his wife and his second daughter lived. A woman screamed at the scene immediately, and Richard Ng also appeared soon to assist customs officers in the investigation. Ng saw that a reporter was present to interview, and immediately put a black veil on his face and he also used the umbrella to avoid being photographed by reporters.

At 11pm in the evening, a female lawyer arrived and that she was turned away from the house for a while. After some commotion, the customs officesr arranged the lawyer to meet with the suspect involved. While Richard’s family was waiting outside the house, one of her daughters used a torchlight to flash at the reporters.

At about 1.30 am today (27th), the woman involved in the case was taken away by customs officers for investigation. At that time, the family members of the suspect used flashlights again to obstruct reporters from visiting and taking pictures.