Veteran actor Michael Miu and wife Jaime Chik regain youthful figures

    Michael Miu

    9th July 2024 – (Hong Kong) Veteran Hong Kong actor Michael Miu, 66, and his wife Jaime Chik, 62, have regained their youthful figures through a dedicated fitness regime. Known for his dashing good looks and fit physique, Miu has long been a heartthrob in the entertainment industry. However, his wife Chik, a former television darling, had in recent years gained weight, leading to her being affectionately dubbed “Fatty Chik” by netizens.

    The turning point came when Miu, who is currently filming a local drama, decided to join his castmates in regular gym sessions. To the surprise of many, Chik also decided to tag along and start her own fitness journey. The results have been astounding – in just a short period of time, Chik has shed several kilograms, reverting to her slender, youthful frame of the past.

    “It’s wonderful to see Jaime regain her figure,” said a longtime fan. “She was always so beautiful, and it’s great that she’s taken steps to recapture that stunning look.”

    Miu and Chik have been married for many years, and their relationship has long been the envy of those in the industry. Despite Chik’s weight gain in recent times, the couple’s affection for each other has remained steadfast.

    “Michael has always been supportive of Jaime, and it’s clear that their love for each other transcends physical appearances,” commented a industry insider. “Their decision to embark on this fitness journey together is a testament to the strength of their bond.”

    The couple’s transformation has not gone unnoticed, with many praising their dedication and determination. For Chik, the journey back to her former self has been a liberating experience, allowing her to shed the “Fatty Chik” moniker that had plagued her in recent years.