Veteran actor Lee Lung-kei visits fiancée at Tai Lam Centre for Women by minibus

    Lee Lung-kei

    1st March 2024 – (Hong Kong) Hong Kong actor, Lee Lung-kei, aged 73, was observed today braving the biting cold to visit his fiancée, Chris Wang, who is currently detained at the Tai Lam Centre for Women. Wang faces six charges, including overstaying her visa and using fraudulent documents. Despite the tumult surrounding his personal life, Lee remains steadfast in his support for his partner and his commitment to his craft.

    Lee, who left the correctional facility at around 11am, did not drive himself but instead used a public minibus service. The actor, known for his environmental consciousness, explained that he had recently transitioned to an electric vehicle and is awaiting its delivery in three weeks.

    When questioned about Wang’s mental state, Lee refrained from commenting, opting instead to focus on his professional endeavours. He discussed the upcoming event, “Lee Lung-kei’s Good SING Night,” scheduled for 26th March, which will feature a dinner concert package. This event has been a staple in Lee’s career, and he clarified that the contract for the evening was signed before Wang’s legal issues began, despite recent criticism.

    Lee acknowledged that while some have profited from the controversy, he finds solace in inadvertently helping others. “A fallen whale gives rise to thriving life,” he mused, indicating his clear understanding of the situation.

    Lee insists that external commentary does not affect him, maintaining a balanced perspective and focusing on his work. He admits that while there has been some impact on his schedule, particularly regarding overseas commitments, he has prioritised staying in Hong Kong to visit Wang, providing her with comfort and reassurance. He confirmed his intention to stand by her side during her hearing on 16th April.

    Despite recent challenges, Lee has seen an uptick in work discussions. He revealed that production on the music video for his new song which was delayed due to recent events, is slated to resume promptly. Lee hopes to shoot the video in Guangzhou after visiting Wang. He mentioned that his musical inspiration remains unaffected by his complex emotions and that songwriting comes naturally to him. When asked if Wang had been painting to express her feelings, Lee noted an improvement in her mood.