Veteran actor Lee Lung-kei expresses concern over Chris Wang’s unsettled state at detention centre

    Lee Lung-kei (left) and Chris Wang (right)

    22nd February 2024 – (Hong Kong) Veteran Hong Kong actor Lee Lung-kei made another visit to the Tai Lam Centre for Women this morning to see his fiancée, Chris Wang, who is currently detained on charges of overstaying and using counterfeit documents. Lee Lung-kei, accompanied by the local media, shared insights into his fiancée’s state of mind during an interview. He expressed his understanding of her difficult situation, stating, “Losing one’s freedom is undoubtedly distressing. Her emotional state must be affected, and I empathize with her.” When asked about their conversations, he replied, “We didn’t discuss much. I simply comforted her and advised her not to worry. I tried my best to ensure that her spirits remain high by engaging in casual conversations.”

    Regarding whether his fiancée has adapted to the circumstances, Lee Lung-kei revealed, “No, it’s unrealistic to expect her to adjust quickly. This situation has dealt a significant blow to both her and me.”

    When questioned about legal consultations, Lee Lung-kei confirmed that his legal team is actively involved in handling the case. He expressed hope that their efforts would alleviate his fiancée’s distress, saying, “The lawyers are working diligently, and they’re doing their best to minimize her suffering.” As for his work commitments, he clarified, “I signed contracts and made prior commitments, so I won’t be halting my professional endeavours. If there’s nothing urgent, I’ll visit the detention centre every morning. Being in the presence of her fiancée on a daily basis can be a great source of comfort, and I believe it will significantly help her.”

    Lee Lung-kei emphasised that he has been maintaining constant communication with his legal team to discuss the progress of the case. When asked about Chris’s family being informed, he mentioned, “Her family members are still in Germany and won’t return until the end of the month. I’ll seek their consent before contacting them.” Regarding the recent endeavour to retrieve Chris’s aviation licence, Lee Lung-kei explained, “We’re still in the process of searching for it. Since it has been nine years since she last saw it, specifically between 2016 and 2017, it’s taking some time. To be honest, I’m not fully aware of her past belongings, but I’ll do everything in my power to assist her.”

    When prompted about Chris’s current needs, Lee Lung-kei became emotional and tearfully stated, “There’s not much she asks for. She wants me to take care of myself. I promise…I promise…(overwhelmed by emotion) I’ll take care of myself because I know…if I break down… it will be difficult to help her. I won’t break down; I’ll take good care of myself.” Regarding the upcoming date of 28th February, which is the day for the bail review application, he affirmed, “I will definitely be there.”