Veteran actor Lee Lung-Kei describes court date for fiancée Chris Wang on the 28th May as “excruciating”

    Lee Lung Kei (left) and Chris Wang (right).

    20th May 2024 – (Hong Kong) At the Mother’s Day banquet organised by a radio program, artist Nancy Sit shared her experience of performing with the four veteran actors in Singapore, including Ruco Chan, Gallen Lo, Joe Ma, and Wayne Lai, who were hailed as the “New Four Heavenly Kings” by the audience. Sit praised their acting skills and surprising vocal talents, expressing her interest in collaborating with them if schedules permit.

    Meanwhile, veteran actor Lee Lung-Kei attended the event as a special guest. He revealed his upcoming preparations for a June concert in Nanshan but mentioned the challenges of daily visits to his fiancée, Chris Wang, who is currently incarcerated. Lung-Kei expressed concern for Chris’s well-being, noting her weight loss due to the stressful circumstances. He shared his personal struggle with insomnia and how he has managed to find some peace by adopting a positive outlook. Lung-Kei also emphasised the importance of maintaining physical fitness and acknowledged the dual nature of life’s experiences.