Veteran actor Eric Tsang refuses to be paid for live Stream and requests retrenched TVB cameramen to be hired


    Lee Wei Lin,

    26th December 2020 – (Hong Kong) Some celebrities have been trying to find alternative income opportunities for those who have lost their jobs because of the COVID-19 pandemic. The latest star to do their part for the community is Eric Tsang who was approached by a Shanghai-based company to appear on one of their live broadcasts to sell alcohol.

    The 67-year-old said that he would take on the job on one condition: that the company engage the cameramen that were laid off by Hongkong broadcaster TVB due to COVID-19. In exchange, he would ask for zero remuneration.A source close to Eric explained that the star is close to the crew members and that he was heartbroken when they lost their only source of income.Eric’s five-hour broadcast attracted more than 10 million viewers and set a record for selling 15mil yuan of alcohol. Netizens were quick to show their support for both Eric and the alcohol company.

    One shared: “One good deed begets another. I don’t really need alcohol, but I’m buying it because I want to show the company that they made the right choice by accepting Eric’s proposal.” Another added: “Eric has a heart of gold. I’m sure he’s made enough money during his years in showbiz, but even then, it definitely wasn’t an easy decision to say no to receiving any sort of pay for this job.”Netizens also didn’t forget how Eric had hired the widow of a former TVB senior make-up artist named Zhang Jiawan. Eric had promised Jiawan, who died of a heart attack in 2014, that he would take care of his family, and so hired his wife as his assistant and make-up artist. She is still believed to be working with Eric till today.